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B&B Inn The Garden

Do you know what is our life? Yours and mine? A dream made in Sicily. Maybe we are still dreaming there

Leonardo Sciascia  

The Charming B&B Inn The Garden, is a prestigious villa of the begin of 20th century located in the central Via Etna, always ready to welcome you in of warm and friendliness atmosphere.

The location of our B&B allows you to reach easily cultural sites, Universities, libraries and monuments. You can enjoy the widest range of entertainment, shopping, and places of significant architecture such as Piazza Duomo, Via Etnea, the Roman Amphitheatre and the famous buildings and churches, with their typical architecture style of eighteenth centuries, named by Unesco humanitarian inheritage.


Jasmine Room
Rose Room
Citrus Tree Room
Violets Room
  • climate
  • internet wireless ADSL
  • tv / fridge
  • daily cleaning
  • kitchen
  • room bath
  • bed and bath linens
  • phon
  • garden
  • read room
  • balcony
Jasmine RoomRecently renovated, very lightning, has maintained the ancient doors and original floors hand decorated. Wide, with the bedspread and curtains in silk, is on the first floor of our villa and looks onto the garden. In the room, a TV and DVD player, fre wi-fi, air condition and private bathroom. It has a nice terrace leading to the garden.

Rose RoomThis room is confortable, lighting and elegant It kept the doors and original paving hand painted. The pastel shades of green walls and tapestry make the room very friendly. In room: TV and dvd player, wi-fi, air conditioning and private bathroom . A nice terrace looks onto the the garden, which houses a wonderful sitting area.

Citrus Tree RoomIn this romantic room there is a romantic four-poster bed, and you can also admire the charming original fresco of the famous painter Alessandro Abate, early '900. It is particularly elegant and sophisticated. A careful attention was paid to the furniture The room may be double or quadruple. In the room tv, wi-fi ,air conditioning and private bathroom. A nice terrace looks onto the the garden, which houses a wonderful sitting area.

Violets RoomLightning, comfortable and elegant. It has mantained the old doors and original paving. In the room: TV and DVD player, free wi-fi, air conditioning and private bathroom . The stucco and chandeliers make the room unique and welcoming. It has a nice private terrace, furnished with a little table and chairs in wrought iron, leading to the garden.

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"Inn the Garden”, with the help of the owner, Maria Teresa, an authorised tourist guide and naturalist passionate, organizes holidays, weekends and guided tours in the most beautiful cities. We also organise trekking, “off- road tours” in parks and natural reserves, like Nebrodi Mountain, Etna Regional Park, and Acireale with its Timpa beautiful reserve.

At the B & B is also possible to book tours in canoe and bike, or to participate to other interesting “adventures” to make the most of your holiday in Sicily, such as gastronomic tours, tasting of typical Sicilian cuisine, visits to the best companies of typical Sicilian products (wine , cheese, and sweets and honey). The B&B has a comfortable traditional kitchen with balcony leading to garden.

With us you can do:

gardening lessons
rent a bike
Etna tours and more...(click for details)


low season high season
single room 40.00 € a day 60.00 € a day
double room 60.00 € a day 80.00 € a day
triple room 80.00 € a day 90.00 € a day
quadruple room 100.00 € a day 120.00 € a day

Bed and breakfast.(prices per housing unit)


Etna Classic:

Slope: Etna South and Etna North
Schedule: from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
1st stop: a pleasant hike from the viewpoint on Bove Valley in front of the Summit Craters, which is the main scene of recent lava eruptions.
2nd stop: a special visit of the impressive tunnels inside of a cave that has been grooved out by flowing lava. Helmets and flashlights are provided.
3rd stop: a break for a pic-nic with typical, regional food flavours.
4th stop: hike around “Monti Sartorius” (outlying craters), surrounded by glades rich in native lants, flowers and trees, like White Birches.
5th stop: a stop at the Alcantara Gorges whose high walls of unrepeatable geometric perfection were created by lava flow that flooded the frozen river (of the same name) cooled down.
Staff: You will be captivated by our nature guides who tell you the mysterious and fascinating stories of the Volcano.
Languages: Italian and English (Spanish and French upon request)

Etna e Wine Tour:

Slope: Etna North
Schedule: from 9.00 am to 6.30 pm
1st stop: a pleasant hike from the viewpoint on Bove Valley in front of the Summit Craters, which is the main scene of recent lava eruptions. You will be captivated by our nature guides who tell the mysterious and fascinating stories of the Volcano.
2nd stop: well have you visit the impressive tunnels inside of a cave that has been grooved out by flowing lava. Helmets and flashlights are provided.
3rd stop: you will visit a wine cellar and its vineyard where you take part in a guided wine tasting of five different Etna wines combined with typical products.
4th stop: you will visit a distillery and taste Etna distillates and liquors.
Staff: Certified naturalistic and geological guides who are passionate about the Volcano.
Languages: Italian and English (Spanish and French upon request)

Etna-east 1:

Duration: approximately 6 hours.
1st stop: Visit to one hundred horse chestnut (Millennial tree, 2000 years linked to the legend of Joan of Aragon).
2nd stop: Visit the Forest of Passocavallo: nature and walk under the fresh leaves of the trees.
3rd stop: Visit the church filled with frescoes of Magazzeni linked to devastating eruption of 1928 followed by a visit to the mouths from which it escaped.
4th stop: Scenic stretch of incredible beauty in the street Mareneve.
5th stop: Off-road on the 1979 lavas.
6th stop: Walking on the spectacular view of Bove Valley where you can witness a unique spectacle, the lava flows because for centuries in this vast valley cools into pinnacles, tunnels, caves and indescribable forms.
7th stop: Visit and enter the enchanting cave of robbers (used in past centuries as ice house, as evidenced by the frescoes of Jean Houel).
8th stop: Visit of the "buttonhole" of craters Sartorius (eruption 1865) and walk along the nature path traced by the Etna Park.

Etna-east 2:

Duration: approximately 6 hours.
1st stop: Zafferana: visit the historical center called the Pearl of Etna, followed by tasting of typical products: honey (it produces 15% of Italian honey with more than 20 different varieties of honey), mushrooms, wine and Etna features Sicilian pizzas.
2nd stop: Walk-in "Water Plan", where the lava stopped in 1992, casting threatened the town, stopping at about one km from the center each year people went there in procession to thank the Virgin for having spared danger.
3rd stop: Ascent of the cast-off road to the entrance of Val Calanna recent, breathtaking views of the Ionian Sea.
4th stop: Lift up to "Piano del Vescovo, unspoiled landscapes dominate, (you can admire the beech 's Mount Etna, plants wreckage of an earlier era and one of the rare water sources located on Etna basalt rock more than 80 meters high).

Etna-west 1:

Duration: approximately 6 hours.
1st stop: Gurrida-hike to the lake, stroll along the lake with the observation of the huts set up by the Park.
2nd stop: Visit of wine-tasting with adjacent local products: fresh ricotta and cheese tasting wines of Etna. A peculiarity is that for several months a year the vineyard remains partially submerged and the path is a long elevated walkway overlooking Mount Etna, on the parcels of vines and the lake.
3rd stop: Visit the ancient millstone to understand the ancient traditions associated with wine on Etna.

Etna-west 2:

Duration: approximately 7 hours.
1st stop: Bronte-visit the country of pistachio that grows on the lavas, food tasting and essentially with pistachio Etna.
2nd stop: Visit 'house of Nelson', a castle that houses an ancient abbey with a small church. The castle is situated in an unspoiled slopes of Etna, surrounded by a beautiful park and is the heart of the duchy of Nelson, "hundreds of hectares of forest and arable land donated to Admiral Nelson in thanks for crushing the revolt Neapolitan.
3rd stop: Paced off-road with the vast Nebrodi Park, and visit Lake Trearie the highest lake in Sicily (1400 m above sea level).
4th stop: Lunch at a farm in the area.


Duration: approximately 6 hours.
1st stop: Visit the town of Linguaglossa a mountain center linked to tourist activities Etna, its historical center, the beautiful churches: San Francesco di Paola, the Annunciation, St. Egidio, visit the Ethnographic Museum.
2nd stop: Slope toward the top of Etna.
3rd stop: Ragabo pine-crossing, a huge natural treasure with plants considered true and natural monuments (some in spite of the frequent eruptions have even 500 years old), 2002 visit of the lava front that cuts through the forest.
4th stop: Lift-up floor Provenzana and observation of the eruption scenario 2002-2003 (pre-existing tourist facilities flooded by lava, lunar landscape in the middle of unspoiled nature).
5th stop: Observation of the volcanic cones of the "North-East Rift" and stop at a mountain retreat.


Duration: approximately 5 hours.
1st stop: Visit the historic center of the door of Etna Nicolosi (600m above sea level). The path is linked to the "Grand Tour" of the Romantic period and to travelers of the past.
2nd stop: Visit of the "Red Mountain" craters were formed during the dangerous and great eruption of 1669 when the lava is "ingrottò" along 18 km in two weeks, casting destroyed several countries and reached Catania and forever changing the morphology of the coast within about a kilometer.
3rd stop: Visit the historic refuge Sapienza repeatedly threatened by lava but still intact. The refuge is located about 2000 m above sea level.
4th stop: Excursion to the Silvestri Craters, a series of craters associated eruption of 1892.
5th stop: Observation of the lava flows 2001-2002.

Nebrodi Park:

Duration: approximately 7 hours.
1st stop: Off-road adventures in the "Ridge Nebrodi".
2nd stop: Excursion to lake surrounded by beautiful beech forests where Maulazzo frequently encountered horses reared free from the beautiful black hair and shiny or youngs Nebrodi boars with black fur.
3rd stop: After several miles off road through forests and natural springs is reached Biviere Cesarò a natural lake which acts as splendid setting Etna glimpsed in the distance. Pond which at certain times of the year goes red due to algae growing in its waters.
4th stop: Lunch at a typical mountain inn with food and wine tasting in the Park.

Riviera “Ionica” (The Riviera of the Cyclops):

Duration: approximately 6 hours.
1st stop: Visit the Norman castle of Acicastello perched on a cliff that rises over the sea, visit the Natural History Museum which is located inside housing finds of amphorae and Roman ships found on the seabed of the Ionian Sea (Sicily was the granary of Rome).
2nd stop: Visit the picturesque town of Acitrezza, the "house of Medlar" and other places Verga (Acitrezza is the country of Malavoglia).
3rd stop: Tour-boat (with the typical wooden rowing boats for fishermen) to reach the Lachea Island, the largest of the stacks of Acitrezza, which is a nature reserve land and sea.
4th stop: On request can be made around the marine reserve (an hour), with the glass bottom boat to admire the depth and all forms of marine life.

Walking in the historical center of Catania:

Duration: approximately 3 hours.
Themed tours in the historical center of Catania, this is a walk in the old city (the Baroque in Catania has been a UNESCO World Heritage).
These tours trace themes and different historical periods:
Tribute to Vincenzo Bellini;
The city, the lava and faith;
From its origins to the Baroque;
Between nature and culture;
Vaccarini and architects of the rebirth.

Finally also further possible routes:

The lakes Cavagrande Cassibile and Noto old;
The necropolis of the valley of Pantalica;
The reserve of Acireale Timpa, the old scale of Acis and the Spanish fortress of "Touch";
Acireale with its baroque churches and S. Maria La Scala with its fishing port in the middle of lemon groves;
The Alcantara River Park, the gorge with basalt columns, the "GURN (small ponds formed by the bends in the river itself), and the Byzantine cuba (rare example of Byzantine architecture of religious buildings near the river);
Castiglione di Sicilia, the Alcantara Valley and the Castle of Lion.


Buona accoglenza da parte di Simone, sempre disponibile e cordiale, tutte le mattine ci faceva preparare cornetti e panini caldi . Il b&b è ben situato per visitare la città. - Coppia - Fano, Italia - 09 marzo 2012 - voto 10

Elegante, personale discreto e attento, pulito, organizzato, comodo e ordinato,ottima posizione, nonchè ottimo lo staff, la pulizia della stanza e tutti I confort che ne fanno di un b&b eccellente” Ottima posizione centrale, valida struttura: ben servita con confort di buon livello. Staff disponibile, pronto , gentile. Camere spaziose, pulite, silenziose e ben arredate. Ottimo il rapporto qualità prezzo da consigliare. - Coppia - Palermo, Italia - 09 gennaio 2012 - voto 10

Ambienti ampi ed eleganti da amarcord inizi '900,ma con I comfort di oggi.Disponibilità e cortesia del personale con un grazie particolare al gentile Simone.Ci si sente come a casa propria,specie al mattino con la ricca colazione ed I cornetti caldi.A Tutto fa da splendida cornice la tranquillità del luogo e la sua ottima posizione in città. - Coppia - Reggio Calabria, Italia - 18 aprile 2012 - voto 8.3

This BB is a real oasis in the city of Catania. Very spacious room and a good breakfast on the terrace, overlooking the beautiful garden. We could use the kitchen and the fridge, there was wifi in the room and we had even our own terrace were we could eat something after visiting Catania and Mount Etna. This is definitely a place were we would stay again! - Coppia - Hakendover, Belgio - 20 maggio 2012 - voto 10

Inn the Garden is so much nicer than anonymous city centre hotels. More like a boutique hotel but with the B&B personal touch and room rate to boot! A two minute bus ride from Piazza Stesicoro brings you to this gem of a place. Thoughtful and friendly service. Home-made jam for breakfast. Good-sized rooms that are thoughtfully decorated and have original features. Terrace and gardens that are perfect for relaxation and recovery after a hectic day's sightseeing. Step out of the front door onto via Etnea, look right and you see Mount Etna, look left and enjoy the view towards the Cathedral and the sea beyond. This is is the place I'd recommend to stay if you're visiting Catania. - Gruppo di amici - Birmingham, Regno Unito - 23 aprile 2012 - voto 10

The welcome was very nice. We got a very good explanation of the sourroundings. The decor and layout are unique and very nice. It is an well maintained house with the charms of an old house. Some characteristics are the wooden stove next to the bed, plants in the bathroom, small window from the bathroom into the floor, maze like layout (severel old independant appartments attached and remodeled) seperate entry, high ceilings, garden terrace, etc. - Coppia - Bigonville, Lussemburgo - 16 aprile 2012 - voto 7.5

Het was een totale verrassing om dit oude prachtige pallazzo te vinden, midden in de vrij drukke chaotische via Etnea. De beschutte tuin midden tussen de grote flats was een verademing. De kamers waren mooi 19de- eeuws ingericht met de gemakken van 2012. Verder had je de beschikking over een, met andere gasten gemeenschappelijke, keuken. Zeer hartelijke ontvangst. Heerlijk ontbijt op het terras. - Coppia - Wassenaar, Paesi Bassi - 01 giugno 2012 - voto 9.6

Ottima accoglienza, tutti cortesi e simpatici. Ottima pure la posizione: in pieno centro, ma in mezzo al verde e fuori dai rumori della città. La colazione poco ricca, ma I cornetti sono freschi e buoni. E poi essere svegliati dal cinguettio degli uccellini non è mica poco! Consiglio vivamente! - Coppia - Italia - 22 marzo 2012 - voto 10

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We are 500 m. from "Villa Bellini" the largest eighteenth century garden in Catania, 1.5 km from the central station, 2 minutes from the sea, (the charming area of Port of Ulisse), and 5 minutes from the Riviera of Cyclops. Meanwhile the B&B stands very close to the well-known city centre with its "movida" and its cultural events, reading circles, shows and live concerts.
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